Wood Fire Oven: The Bollyhood

Outdoor furniture and architectural hardware specialists Robert Plumb have partnered with renowned chef, James Viles of Biota Dining for the launch of its brand new Bollyhood & Tandoor Pizza Oven.

Designed by Cameron Williams Pottery for Robert Plumb, the Bollyhood Tandoor & Pizza Oven is the perfect blend of contemporary design and modern construction. Using the same design principles of the traditional tandoor, this handcrafted and highly versatile oven employs a style of cooking that has been practised for over 5,000 years. Reaching temperatures of almost 400 degrees, the model has been modernised by adding a pizza hood and stone, metal skewers and a tagine to ensure you have all you need to create delicious charcoal and wood fired dishes in your own backyard.BiotaRobPlumb_0048 copy

Good food, cooked outdoors and shared with friends and family in your own backyard is one of life’s simple pleasures. For me The Bollyhood encapsulates outdoors living, it is simple to use and allows the flexibility to cook marinated and smoked meats and fish on skewers, pizza, tagine and even breads.

James Viles is one of Australia’s most respected regional chefs, and owner of multi-award winning NSW restaurant Biota Dining. He is celebrated for his creative modern food, his commitment to sustainability and seasonality, and his unwavering support of local producers.

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This dedication to championing quality local ingredients makes James the ideal partner for Robert Plumb, a leader in Australian-made outdoor timber furniture and garden accessories.


James has developed a range of tailored recipes for the oven, including smoked freshwater fish, mussel and prawn tagine and a half roast duck cooked over coals to name a few.


The Bollyhood Tandoor & Pizza Oven is available in two sizes online now at www.robertplumb.com.au.

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