A Warmer Winter: Cocoon Fireplaces

Looking for something to keep you warm this winter? Its hard not to be attracted to the sleek lines and versatility of the Cocoon fireplaces.

Available in 3 different styles, stand, suspended and chimnea, Cocoon fireplaces run on ethanol, making the fires clean and environmentally friendly.

cocoon_fire_aeris_hanging_black_xz6As the ethanol burns the main body of the fireplace heats and radiates warmth throughout the room. The burner contained inside can hold enough fuel to burn for up to 4-6 hours depending on the heat setting, which can be adjusted for comfort.

cocoon_fire_terra_standing_steel_xz12It is the simplicity of the design that makes the fires so attractive and effective. It will make a practical and aesthetic addition to any apartment, home or outdoor space. Cocoon Fires offers a simple and practical solution for functional and attractive heating. They are very easy to install in both the hanging and standing models.

Producing less carbon dioxide than 2 burning candles, the fuel used is ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, drinking alcohol or grain alcohol. It is a biofuel which can be derived from plants including corn, wheat, barley and sugarcane.

Typically, one litre of ethanol will burn for around one and a half hours, dependant upon the quantity, climate conditions, altitude, air current and the height of the flame. The flames effectiveness reduces considerably in an area with more air current.

No mess, fuss, just clean burning warmth that looks simply stunning.

For more information on the Cocoon Fireplace, visit www.top3.com.au.