Winter Outdoors: Wood Fire & Oven

With this freezing weather we’ve been experiencing, I’ve been thinking of clever way to warm up an outdoor space to maximise garden use all year round.  Lucky for me, my research brought me to two of my favourite things… PIZZA and FIRE. What a combo!

This clever instrument from Cabin Culture burns fire wood to radiate heat into an outdoor space as well as having a little internal window to cook a delicious wood fire pizza.  All ticks from me.

Pizza oven
Constructed from corten steel its meant to age over time.  Depending upon it’s location it will age in varying shades of rich rusty browns to blend right into your garden.  A clever sliding air intake regulator on the side of the fire box allows for a slower burning time and minimising oven temperatures.

It is recommended to use only Australian hardwoods that are air dried and cured to avoid excessive use of firewood.

The short of it…

Cabin Culture
Wood Fire Heater and Oven
Available nationally