Unearthed: Wood Stacker

Bec and Marcus are the husband and wife team behind the business Unearthed. Bec herself is a Designer and Marcus, a Landscaper. The two combined are creating some very design conscious yet functional pieces to celebrate a love of the garden. Skewed toward the coastal country aesthetic, Unearthed is intentionally aimed at those seeking uncomplicated inspiration for their home, a piece that highlights their garden, something that brings a little of their garden inside, or solves a stacking problem. It was their cleverly considered Wood Stacker that particularly caught my eye. Today, we interview one half of the Unearthed team, Bec Dentry to discover a little more.

What is Unearthed?

Unearthed is a range of outdoor ‘objects’. (And truth be told some indoor objects – we accidentally creep inside from time to time! We are passionate about all things outdoors. We LOVE gardens. And we love the notion of your outdoor space being as cherished and curated as your indoor space (hence the gentle creep inside!!).

Unearthed is part of Real Earth Developments (hence the ‘earthy name’) our landscaping business run by my clever husband Marcus. He is both beauty and brut. He builds stunning residential gardens, via his brilliant hard landscaping skills and also his clean eye for simple design.

When did it all start?

It started in 2010 when we created ourselves a Wood Stacker and people started saying “Wow, that’s great!”. When the “Wow, that’s great!” became more than just a passing comment we thought, OK let’s have a crack. I then of course I got distracted by design work, and then a full time position as a Creative Director and Unearthed got side-lined. But when a client sat me down and said “Bec you really need to do this!” I thought, OK, maybe I do. And she was right, it’s makes me very happy.

Unearth Wood Stacker 2

What was the inspiration behind the Wood Stacker?

I don’t like mess. I like order, and if it can be a designed order, all the better. Hence the stacker, compartmentalised wood storage. In a perfectly round form. Tick.

Where can we purchase your wares?

We sell direct via our website. Because we produce our wares right here in beautiful Australia, and every piece is made by hand, working in a retail margin is especially hard (ok, impossible) for us. BUT, some beautiful stores have been good enough to showcase our products, namely the ever beautiful always inspiring White Nest in Blairgowrie, Tree in Flinders and just last week we have done our first ‘pop-up window’ with the incredibly Katie Graham (sigh) from The Family Love Tree. When they created amazing people, Katie was the prototype.  She is an incredible woman. We are hoping to continue The Family Love Tree association with more ‘pop-up windows’ which is such a powerful way to establish our brand and have a retail moment. We have also had some incredible association from friends who have introduced us to events and PR via product placement. Bec Bennett from Sticks and Sparrow and Jess and Hayley from Kollab are two great advocates.

And… we sell direct to our (incredible) Landscaping clients.

What is your inspiration when designing new products?

Gardens are always our inspiration. How can we bring the feeling of outside in?  How can we create pieces to highlight the garden? How can we customise a space to functionally resolve an issue? We are also just very geared to an outdoor life, standing in front of a bonfire post a cold wintery surf with my fella and my little (7 year old) fella beside me toasting marshmallows laughing with our friends and their kids is a slice of heaven for me. Come summer you will see the same theme minus the marshmallows and the fire, but we always outside, preferably beachside or at the very least salt stained with our mates!!

What can we expect from Unearthed in the future?

Wall Planters en mass. Air plants. (Copper) fire pits. More ‘pop-up windows’. A deepening of garden wanderlust.

The short of it…

A range of furniture and outdoor objects
Melbourne based, delivers nationally.