Top 3 by Design: Tio by Mass Productions

There are 3 areas of landscaping where ‘skimping’ will do your garden an injustice – design, workmanship and furniture. Yes, all 3 are a considerable outlay initially, but over time with little to no maintenance, you will save in the long run. Nothing ‘faddy’, no cheap imitations… quality, handcrafted design and workmanship will see your investment lasting for years to come.

So allow me to introduce some outdoor furniture that falls into this very category – Tio by Mass Productions from Top3 by Design.

Top3 by Design was a concept first launched in Australia in 2002 by creative entrepreneur Terri Winter. “We were in Germany when we saw a cabaret show featuring only the best acts in their field” Terri reflects. Blown away by the concept, she translated it to retail, and delivered a place “where customers know they will find something wonderful.”

Top3 is about “editing options and reducing the excess that falls outside the top 3 parameters of quality, innovation and style.”  It sources only the best designed products from around the country and the world, making their range available to you online or retail stores. You will find that there are ever only 3 of the best items in their respective product category.

One of these products that ‘cuts the mustard’ is the Tio range by Mass Productions.
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They have turned the simple chair into a design experience, concocting an aura of transparency and light with some simple metal rods.

Massproduction-blk-Tio-lounge-chair-and-table-1The manufacturers behind the product is Mass Productions, a Stockholm based furniture company run by an experienced designer duo, Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck. They develop high quality, tactile furniture in a modernist spirit.

Chaise-Tio-4-by-mass-productions“Our knowledge and passion is in mass production, hence the name. Our goal is to use industrial processes to create furniture which people can get excited about, something that gives them pride of ownership. You can do that with a hand-crafted piece, but for us the satisfaction comes from achieving it with an industrially produced article”, say Chris Martin.

I have to say, the Tio Easy Chair is a favourite of mine, with a relaxed slouch, it is surprisingly extremely comfortable, and sets a particularly sophisticated scene in any environment. All of the chairs within the range are stackable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from galvanised metal wire covered with a polyester powder coat the entire range is available in either black or white. Shop now at Top 3 by Design.

The short of it…

Top 3 by Design
Tio furniture range by Mass Productions
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