The Balcony Garden: Pots

The power of the pot should never be underestimated. The pot has an incredible aesthetic value which can produce some highly desirable results. They have the ability to bring green into an otherwise ungreen area, allowing you to have the beauty of vegetation within any highly constructed space including courtyards, balconies or rooftops. They can be responsible for providing fundamental elements such as layering, texture, colour, contrast and height to any space.

So, I am pleased to share with you the new range of contemporary pots and planters from The Balcony Garden.

The Balcony Garden is a company that specialises in ‘Balcony Landscaping’ throughout Sydney. They cover ANY small potential garden space. The Balcony Garden not only supply the pots, but if required, also provide a design and installation service, if your space is crying out for some greenery, but you have no idea where to start.

Wally Range

141124_HarrisonsPotShoot_0151 copyThe natural weathered look of The Wally designer range gives the pots a unique textured finish. No two pots are the same, with each having its own unique colours and textures ranging from tones of white, grey and sometimes green.

Frankie Range

141124_HarrisonsPotShoot_0264 copyThe Frankie Pot range are made from a composite material which is a blend of fibre glass and concrete.

141124_HarrisonsPotShoot_0233 copyThe pots are lightweight so great for use on balconies! They are extremely tough and weather resistent but most importantly look smart and contemporary.

141124_HarrisonsPotShoot_0210 copy

Feature Pots

141124_HarrisonsPotShoot_0202 copy
The range of feature pots includes a variety of handmade modern pots and planters. All are contemporary in colour and shape, which allows the texture of the plants to become the hero of the arrangement.

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