Tait: Wall Relief

The Stellar collection is a range of screens, ceiling and wall reliefs inspired by the cosmic realms of rural Queensland’s night skies.  Aimed to inspire others to become modern day astronomers to playfully combine the elements from Stellar to make their own constellations within their own space.

Designed by Christina Waterson, the screens are manufactured in Melbourne by Tait with their usual flare and finesse. It’s a creative coupling that has produced a stunning multi-purpose system that designed to function as a sculptural screening or way-finding device, room divider or simply for viewing as a 3D wall artwork or ceiling relief.

The 3-dimensional and modular design of Stellar elements enables the end-user to define their interior and exterior spaces with depth, pattern and geometry.

Christina has conceived four different patterns in the Stellar collection Rosella, Banksia, Kingii (the frilled-neck lizard) and Pandanus – configured by piecing together one shape repetitively or various pairings. As a solo element, Stellar also commands attention as a stand-alone sculptural object.

Tait_Stellar Screen_Rosella_3 2Fabricated from aluminium sheet that is folded and powder coated, endears the Stellar family to both indoors and out. A 5-year structural warranty can be read as a nod to the quality materials, finish and attention to detail in the manufacturing process. A kaleidoscope of endless colour combinations can be specified from an extensive palette of UV stable colours.

Tait_Stellar Screen_Banksia_3Stella’s light-weight and modular form and hardy, black zinc-plated, solid brass fixing screws allows the elements to be configured to suit the look, flow or feel of a space.

Tait_Stellar Screen_Kingii_1The Stellar collection re-imagines the stars in the night sky to form a set of new constellations based on the patterns of Australian flora and fauna. Stellar builds on Christina’s earlier work, Celestial Analogue, which the designer described as a rediscovery of a deep connection to her childhood and memories of the Milky Way.

The short of it…

Designed by Christina Waterson, Available from Tait.
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