New Tait: Accessories Collection

As one of the country’s leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor furniture and accessories, Tait has enjoyed many successful partnerships with local talents. The new collection with Bernabeifreeman marks Tait’s first collaboration with the Sydney based design studio.

Bernabeifreeman was formed in 2002 by Kelly Freeman and Rina Bernabei. Sharing an obsession with decoration and the domestic interior, they design products that connect with people through references to traditional textiles and handcrafted objects. Bernabeifreeman’s range of lighting and furniture has been widely published and exhibited, and their collaboration with Tait is a continuation of their exploration into the forms and embellishment of aluminium sheet metal.

When Tait sought to introduce a collection of homeware accessories that incorporated perforated patterns, Bernabeifreeman was an obvious choice. “We have long admired Bernabeifreeman’s integration of pattern into their product designs, whether it is a light, a table or, more recently, a rug.” says Tait’s Creative Principal, Susan Tait. “Having bounced around some ideas for homewares in-house, we had also discussed using laser cutting or perforation as a method to embellish our designs, then we decided why not just go directly to two designers who are already doing it really well.”

Tait’s collaboration with Bernabeifreeman signals a departure from the masculine appeal that characterises much of its collection. “For the accessory collection, we wanted to create a softer, more feminine look, which can be hard when using metal as your main material and block colours.” adds Susan.

Tait_Accessories Collection designed by bernabeifreeman_Terrace Planter_01

By using a perforated pattern as a decoration, the designs achieve a lightness and yet manage to be pretty and stylish at the same time.

Bernabeifreeman describe their collaboration with Tait as a perfect match. Tait really understand and connect with the Australian outdoor furniture market. We aimed to bring something different to their range of products through creating something that says ‘Tait’, as well as being intrinsically Bernabeifreeman.

The new collection includes:

Tait_Accessories Collection designed by Bernabeifreeman_Bloom Planter_01

Bloom Planter

A playful set of wall mountable planters made of perforated aluminium sheet, the Bloom Planters provide a decorative way to display house plants (or candles). They are ideal as single planters and also work beautifully together to create outdoor plant wallpaper. They come in 2 sizes (small and large), 2 patterns and a range of 7 colours.

Tait_Accessories Collection designed by Bernabeifreeman_Geo Tray_01Geo Tray

A collection of stackable geometric trays with varying decorative digital designs and colours. Made from perforated aluminium sheet or timber, they are made for serving or display. They come in 4 sizes, 3 shapes (Hexagon, Triangle, or Square) and a range of 7 colours.

Tait_Accessories Collection designed by bernabeifreeman_Terrace Table_02Terrace Tables

Available as small side or coffee tables, the Terrace tables are made from perforated aluminium sheet with an option for a calacatta porcelain top. Available in 2 sizes, 400x400x400h, 500x350x350h and a range of 3 colours.

Tait_Accessories Collection designed by bernabeifreeman_Terrace Planter_02Terrace Planter

A collection of stylish floor planters made from perforated aluminium sheet. 2 sizes, 300x300x650h, 400x400x500h and a range of 6 colours.

All accessories will be available in store by the end of October.

The short of it…

Designed by Bernabeifreeman, Available from Tait.
Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Accessories, Exterior Homeware
End of October