Stone: Top Picks for Outdoor Use

Stone surfaces integrated into outdoor environments are designed for durability, functionality and a pleasing aesthetic, creating a WOW-factor in any outdoor design when used correctly.

Landscape Designers and Architects alike know the strengths of design that are portrayed through the use of natural stone within their projects. For this reason we are likely never to see a decline in popularity with stone surfaces in outdoor spaces in the very near future. Despite the alluring aesthetics of natural stone surfaces, there are still points to consider before planning your next big outdoor project.

The use of certain natural stone products in selective areas can cause you more grief than good if chosen off aesthetics alone. Below are my recommendations and tips to choosing the right natural stone for your next project design.MN_Bluestone

Bluestone (Basalt)

Commonly found in building facades and flooring, bluestone is one of Australia’s most popular choices. Once treated with a breathable sealant, bluestone is elegant, durable, timeless and easy to clean.

Tip: Always choose a “sawn cut” bluestone for external flooring to ensure a substantial slip resistance.


A form of limestone, travertine is a natural, earthy stone, popular in paving for its light colour and motley texture. Available in a variety of finishes, travertine is relatively easy to maintain after it has been treated a with breathable sealant.

Tip: Travertine will not usually withstand acids so may mark slightly if it is used in areas where food and beverages are prepared or consumed.Casper White Granite Exfoliated Pavers, Granite Pool Coping, Bullnosed Pool Coping


Best used for outdoor paving, granite is very hard wearing and resistant to salt so is perfect for pool paving and coastal properties. Flamed granite is particularly popular outdoors. Inside, honed or polished granite can often be found in bench tops.MN_Sandstone


Being a soft, sedimentary rock, Sandstone is not resistant to salts and contact will cause it to break down. A premium-grade sealant is recommended as it will penetrate the surface of the material and completely inhibit corrosion. Correctly treated sandstone can be used around swimming pools and in coastal areas.

Words by Matt Nash from Prestige Surfaces.

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