Robert Plumb: Dickie Dining Range

Robert Plumb has a new Dickie range! Named after Richard, the craftsman behind the manufacturing of the Robert Plumb furniture, the Dickie range comprises of a dining table, chair and a bench seat. It offers a sleek, more elegant option for those seeking an alternative from their existing ‘chunky’ range.

Robert Plumb Dickie Dining TableThe Dickie range is meticulously handcrafted (by Richard!) from New Guinean Rosewood.

150813rpchair-9155_lrThe Dickie Dining Chair features a canvas seat and back to deliver a casual feel in a stunning contemporary way. This dining chair’s fabric canvas is also customisable to suit each individual style.

150813rpchair-9171_lrA worthy investment that will simply age gracefully in any outdoor space.

The short of it…

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