Accessories: The Hose Reel

If you’re anything like me, the hose and its’ reel can drive you crazy. Albeit functional and a necessity in the garden, it’s an eyesore, it twists, kinks, and most hoses eventually split. And seriously, why do they always have to be green?

Clearly, after acknowledging a hole in the market for a relatively aesthetically appealing hose reel that fits in with a fastidiously styled outdoor space, there are some alternatives available to us.

It seems the frustration with the common green garden hose is a global one, as Linda Brattlof from Garden Glory, Sweden has taken it upon herself to create a range of alternatives for those who don’t want to “settle for something ordinary”. Available from Top 3 by Design, we have the Reindeer or the Classic Wall Mount with your choice of hose and connection.

Brilliantly, the hose has knitting-reinforcement around the inner tube which makes it pliable and non-kinking. The hoses are PVC and the surface is actually dirt-repellent. What’s more they are UV-protected so they are not bleached by the sun. The Garden Glory hoses are also free from lead and cadmium which means that you can freely drink the water that comes out of it. The hoses are available in black, gold, pink and silver from Top 3 by Design.

Designed by Nicholas Karlovasitis & Sarah Gibson by Designed By Them is the Hose Dial Hangar. Sarah says, “We loved the idea of playing with scale and colour – it’s simple, playful and celebrates the Aussie back yard”. The simple construction is easy to assembly and the bright powder coated metal is compact and durable. It is available in 4 colour options (red, black, yellow, blue), with a white model due for release shortly.

Tait Hose ReelScreen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.35.48 amThe Hose Wheel created by Tait uses recycled wheel rims, which have been sandblasted and powder coated, so that it is protected from the elements and fitted with a sturdy brace and ready to hang. Available in many colours to suit your outdoor space.