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Landscape Designer Anna Harrison is the new face behind The Balcony Garden. With a recent change in focus, The Balcony Garden are now purely dedicated to all things pots. Having experienced difficulty finding stylish and contemporary garden pots, their focus is now entirely upon designing, creating and sourcing pots. For Anna, it was an obvious next step for the business.

Whilst recently viewing the new Willow range from The Balcony Garden, I took the opportunity to ask Anna a few questions about their new direction and also for her expert pot advice and how to achieve the best result.


How does The Balcony Garden differ from other pot suppliers?

The quality of the product is the most important aspect for us. We spend a lot of time and effort quality checking each and every one of our pots. Also, coming from a landscaping background we understand the need for a smooth ordering process and always maintaining stock levels.

Our aim is to constantly adapt the range so we’re always at the forefront of new design trends. We’ll always keep a standard range of stock including popular shapes like the oblong, rubix and tub. But will also have a more contemporary range including custom designs like our new ‘Pineapple’ pot.

Where do you source your pots?

We have a couple of different suppliers based in South East Asia and are always on the hunt for more. Since starting the garden pot side of the business I’ve been on one buying trip and looking to go again early next year.


What should we look for when purchasing a pot?

The type of pot you buy is generally dictated by the space you’re looking to use it in as generally the space chooses the pot and not the other way around.

What plants are you loving at the moment?

My favourite at the moment for outdoors is Crassula ‘Blue Bird’, I love the colour tones and natural shape of the plant – it also works perfectly in almost all our pots.

For indoors I love Adiantum, Maidenhair Fern, although a little high maintenance at times, I love the softness of this plant – it looks amazing cascading over a hanging pot in a bathroom.


How is it best to style pots?

I think the golden rule with styling of any kind is ‘less is more’. For lots of people this often means using a bit of restraint as it can be easy to get carried away. I always suggest grouping pots in clusters of three generally in similar shapes but various sizes. If you are going to choose one pot as a feature, say our Willow ‘Pineapple’, make sure the other pots you pair it with are simple in design so they complement but don’t over shadow it. Also consider the plants you’re going to use, a loud pot needs a very simple planting scheme whereas for something a little simpler you can be more adventurous with your plant varieties choosing plants with varying colours and textures.


What care should we take in looking after our pot plants?

Where possible I would always recommend installing an automatic timer operated irrigation system, this ensures your plants are getting regular water and means less maintenance.


Next on the list is to make sure the plants are getting enough nutrients, this can sometimes be a tricky one as the level of nutrients is limited by the capacity of the pot. Make sure plants are potted in a high quality free draining potting mix and fertilise using a liquid fertiliser every couple of months. I would also recommend installing a single layer of geo fabric in the bottom of the pot, this will make sure soil material is not lost with water runoff.

Most importantly take care when selecting your plants and make sure you choose varieties that are suited to being planted in pots. Be adventurous though and try to get a varying range of colours and textures.

The short of it…

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