Outdoor Lighting: Pendant Lights

In the search for lighting outdoor living areas, it seems the range of options we have is minimal. I’ll be damned if I can find a decent outdoor pendant light made in Australia. I have searched high and low on the world wide web, only to deliver, not a lot.

Refusing to give in (as predictable as that is), I have however, found some European products that are available for purchase within Australia, some you will have to have freighted over. But at least they are available!

About from the obvious electricity issue, I really don’t understand why we need to compromise aesthetic value when its comes lighting our outdoor living areas. The focus for designer lighting is all interior! We need outdoor lighting products that are statements in their own right to complete the styling of our outdoor living space. No longer should we settle for the standard downlight or hideous floodlight blinding all that falls in its path.

Plis Outdoor Pendant

Plis Pendant and LampDesigned by David Ramos Tarrés and Jordi Bassols Borrell for Ramos & Bassols and manufactured in Spain by Vibia, the Plis Outdoor Pendant Light and Lamp brings the feel of the indoors outdoors. Plis’ shade is made from UV and water resistant white polyethylene. It is manufactured from white lacquered hardware and comes with a field-adjustable cord.

Plis pendantAvailable from Amazon.

Soho Pendant

SohoDesigned by Joan Gaspar for Marset, Soho is presented as a statement, in recognition of the merits of the lamps traditionally used in markets, taverns and cafeterias. After studying different volumes, proportions and materials, new uses and lighting effects have emerged. Thanks to the use of rotary moulded polyethylene, large sizes can be obtained. With a diameter of 112cm, it has been conceived for large spaces, while the 57cm model is ideal for lighting a dining table. A methacrylate diffuser produces an evenly distributed light quality. In the translucent white version, the whole structure emits ambient light. This outdoor model is suitable for illuminating porches, gardens and terraces or open-air dining areas.

Available from Mobilia.

TXL Pendanttxl06

Designed to illuminate gardens and terraces, TXL emits an extremely warm light, just like an indoor lamp. Tough and impressive, the floor version sits on a slate base which supports a voluminous shade made in fibre-glass coating with a plastic material. The pendant version stands out for its lightness and is suitable for illuminating outdoor tables.

Available from Mobilia.

Gregg Large Outdoor Pendant Light

gregg 2Designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba for Foscarini, the Gregg Large Outdoor Pendant Light is a product of natural inspiration, reminiscent of a large pebble whose surface has been polished by water. Made of polyethylene, a light-weight material that is also shock-resistant and weather proof, Gregg takes an organic and pure shape that provides a warm glow.

GreggIncludes a neoprene covered cord and canopy for mounting to junction box. Also available in medium and extra large models and floor lamps as seen above.

Available from Space Furniture.

And if you have any outdoor lighting product insights, please get in touch with us at The Outdoor Co.Operative, we would love to hear from you.