Fire-Away: Flat Pack Fire pit

What is it that makes an open air outdoor fire so desirable? Maybe it’s the ambient glow and flickering light that provides life to the night’s darkness. Or the way it can draw a crowd, making for the perfect unintentional conversation circle. Whatever it is… I love it!


And for me, it doesn’t matter what the season. Summer. Winter. Spring. Autumn. There’s always a good time to light the fire. But some are even more obsessed than I! And that theory was proven when I learned that to two brothers from Bondi, Paul and Dan, had recently launched Fire-Away a fire pit that can be flat packed away during summer. Clever!


It all started with an idea I had in 2013 – while working on a Uni assignment of a modulated fire pit that could be welded together. Paul turned his architectural mind to the design and reworked it into a laser-cut, slot-together flatpack fire pit with no other production requirements. The simplicity and striking sculptural profile of the product was most certainly something to pursue.


PDJ Industries was founded in 2014, seeing the production of the Fire-Away prototypes. The first was hand-cut by Dan from 3mm sheet steel, followed by several laser-cut models produced in southern Sydney. Adjustments to tab/slot proportions and steel thicknesses were put through their paces by multiple fires, assembly trials and Dan himself standing on fire pits to test their strength.


The website was launched in February 2015 to coincide with their first commercial Fire-Away appearance at Dunedoo Show. The brothers began a fortnightly Paddington Markets stall, which stirred an unexpected enthusiasm and, within six months, the locally produced FIRE-AWAY fire pits had gained a momentum of interest with wholesale and individual clients across Australia and internationally to New Zealand and South Africa.

When I first came across Fire-Away on Instagram, I fell in love with their story and tenacity to think up an idea and bring it to life. So much so, I bought one right away. Over the winter months the steel has rusted and weathered beautifully. We absolutely love it. It’s GENIUS.

The short of it…

Portable and flat-pack fire pits
Sydney based, deliver nationally