Equitone: Facade Material

I love finding new materials to play with. It spurs creativity and allows me to design differently, more effectively, with construction in mind. So a big thanks to Brett from Acre Landscape Architecture Studio for pointing this one out. I’m a little bit excited.

Equitone is a brilliant product. It is a fibre cement panel that can be transformed into any size or shape, comes in an extensive range of patterns and non fading colours, all requiring little to no ongoing maintenance.EQUITONE_facade_panel_hand_tectiva_0Equitone is a facade material that offers enormous design flexibility. Each panel is through-coloured which allows you to achieve flawless intricate details, even when manipulated. The panels can be cut, embossed, printed, used for interior and/or exterior purposes. It comes in a maximum panel size of 1.25 x 3m. The application for this product is endless!



Fibre cement was discovered in the late 19th century by Ludwig Hatscheck when he combined the elements of mineral materials, water, air and heat together in a simple filtration process.


Today, a refined Hatscheck production process makes each Equitone panel unique with an individual fibre cement texture. The result give the panels a stunning raw, unfinished character. They are thin, light yet indestructible and beautiful.

Invisible_fixingEquitone facade materials can be fixed to a building structure using a number of face and back fixing options. The facade panels are assembled on a vertical support structure that consist of metal profiles or wooden battens. Face fixing options include riveting and screwing on metal or wood supporting frames. Back fixing options are bonding  or mechanical fixing on metal frames.


The panels use open joints that add visual depth and allow for maximum back ventilation of the facade system. The rainscreen system creates healthy, breathing buildings. Driving rain is kept outside the structure, yet it allows water vapour from inside the structure to escape.

The short of it…

Fibre cement panels, Facade materials