Anston Architectural: Paving

I always say that the hardscaping of any garden is the skeleton, the bones if you like. It provides the foundation of the garden which can then be softened by appropriate planting. Being the skeleton, the hardscaping must provide longevity. And with longevity, we need timelessness, a classic product that does not date. Thankfully, Anston Architectural provides us with a paving product that is just that.

CB377_NathanBurkett_MFGS_082 copy

Anston Architectural is Melbourne based company that manufactures all of their own products using locally sourced materials.  The Granite Range is popular amongst designers and architects for the flecks of Australian Black Granite included within the aggregate mix, giving the finished product a subtle sparkle.

CB377_NathanBurkett_MFGS_067 copy

Vega is one of 6 colours within the Granite Range, and one of a total of 19 standard colours that Anston carries.  In addition to the standard colours, Anston can also customise the colour and texture of any product to suit the specific needs of each design project.

CB377_NathanBurkett_MGFS_1061 copyVega was selected by Landscape Architect Nathan Burkett for his Gold Medal-winning Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show entry, ‘Equilibrium’. Working with Anston, he designed a custom U-shaped bench seat, water feature spouts and unique herringbone patterned paving, all using the Vega colour and texture. 

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