Where to Buy: Mature Trees

Where do you go if you need a BIG tree? No idea? Certainly not Bunnings; not even your local nursery… thankfully you can purchase directly through Alpine Treemovals, with their entire range of stock on line and nursery visits available by appointment. Alpine Treemovals is a boutique nursery that specialises in growing and supplying mature and semi mature trees of the highest quality. With a wealth of knowledge and a proud history in the industry, the Maait family is very passionate about all things trees and ensure that all stock is in pristine condition, nurturing their growth in perfect growing conditions in NSW.
10432490_889391184408097_8086111790109356355_nWith a combined area under production of 130 acres Apline Treemovals grow container trees varying in size from 150L to 2000L and have mature in-ground specimens up to 10 metres.

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Alpine Treemovals offer a planting, transplanting and maintenance service. Mature trees require more than simple planting techniques to ensure their wellbeing which includes the use of specialised machinery, highly trained staff and experience. They assist in salvaging beautiful specimen trees that are irreplaceable in terms of size, age and beauty, either for later use within the same landscape, transporting them to another site or agisting the tree at the nursery for sale.Phoenix palm Newcastle (7)

Myles the Sequoia (341)Alpine has an ever-growing collection of unique trees. If you live in NSW and are having trouble finding the right tree for your cause, its definitely worth a stroll around their nursery. You may be inspired and find just the right specimen for your garden. And if you are interstate, check out their website or give them a call! Alpine Treemovals deliver stock all over the country.

The short of it…

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