Plant Profile: Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ Plant, Zanzibar Gem

Even though most of our every day work is office bound we still manage to incorporate what we practice inside. The E-GA office is the perfect environment to experiment what works so we have headed back to old school plants which really proves that the indoor plants that have been around for decades are the toughest.

This plant is one of those and even the most forgetful work mate won’t kill this one, you actually have to neglect it to get the best results! The Zanzibar Gem is a small evergreen clump forming perennial which grows to half a metre. It provides vertical green stems of alternating deep glossy emerald foliage which are quite architectural in long rows or clumps of planters. Place in a position out of the direct sun where it gets reflected light and can even survive in deep shaded corner of the office. Just bring out into the light occasional when you remember that you may need to show it some attention and maybe a little bit of a drink.

Zanzibar_PetiteFloralStudioThe ZZ Plant is so resilient that you can actually place broken stems or even cut leaves into potting medium and it will  form another plant. This means that you have you own nursery of indoor plants and in no time your office will be greener. If you can’t wait you can always buy more or try other amazing indoor plants. There are plenty out there and you will discover which ones work best for the office. You can always raid your grandparents house!

Image credits: 1. @katbothan  2. @haaskids  3. @petitefloralstudio