Plant Profile: Lagerstroemia x faurei ‘Natchez’

We don’t get much in the way of autumn colour in Sydney city, particularly this year, mild temperatures followed by horrendous storms has meant the deciduous trees look fairly tattered. One group of trees that do colour well for Sydney’s autumn is the Crepe Myrtles.

Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’ is one of my favourites with white flowers in summer and salmon pink bark. It grows to around 8m tall and 6m wide. They make beautiful shapes as they are naturally multi stemmed, so avoid buying single stemmed bean shoot specimens from the nursery, look for something that has already started to develop three or four leaders.

CrepemrytleCrepe Myrtles are so versatile in the landscape, tough as guts once established and their size is easily manipulated by pruning in winter, making them a great street tree and perfect for medium and smaller gardens.