Plant Profile: Gingko biloba

Gingko biloba is a living fossil and China’s National tree. After you have read my short piece on this marvellous species, don’t hesitate researching Gingko biloba online, it has an amazing story. Listed as a threatened species in the wild, taxonomically complex and botanically fascinating for those interested in that side of horticulture. In the wild, some specimens in China have reached fifty metres and there are claims they can live for up to 2500 years.

Six tree growing a kilometre or two from the blast site actually survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb and are still alive today…
gingko street treeIn Sydney and Melbourne, it proves to be a beautiful street tree though not used enough, I think. It’s tough… obviously, resistant to pests and disease and able to withstand life under concrete and tarmac.

gingobilobayellowleaf2The pale green of the summer leaf is very special, as is the clear yellow it turns in autumn.