Plant Profile: Crimson Glory Vine

Vitis coignetiae or Crimson Glory Vine is a stunning ornamental climber that is at its best this time of year. Its large heart shaped leaves are highly textural, almost wrinkled in appearance whilst the under side is brown and felt like. The leaves turn from a beautiful lush green in Spring through to a striking red and even purple in Autumn and early Winter.

vitis coignetiaeUse the Crimson Glory Vine to add additional layers to your garden. Grown either vertically up a wall or trained horizontally over a structure, it provides a dynamic element to your space right throughout the year.

11033-Vitis-coignetiaeGrowing to a length of around 15 metres, it is particularly handy to use on structures that receive full sun, providing much needed shade in summer, yet allowing the sun to come streaming through in winter. Its also brilliant to use to hide unsightly areas of the garden such as ugly walls, water tanks, sheds etc.