Plant Profile: Cercidiphyllum japonica, Katsura Tree

Ever wanted your Cercis to grow taller and you have the space for it? Well we think that this could be a great option. The Katsura Tree can grow up to 20 metres with a spread of 15 metres and shows all the characteristics of the Cercis canadensis (Southern Redbud) with its soft green heart-shaped leaves. The Autumn foliage colour change is similar to Ornamental Pears ranging from vibrant yellow to fiery reds.


It will form into a large shade tree as a specimen plant although we do think that trees always look better in copses or woodlands so plant plenty if you have the room in your garden. The Katsura Tree does respond well the pruning so it could also be used as an excellent deciduous hedging alternative to Fagus sylvatica (Copper Beech). Plant in temperate or mountainous areas as it is frost tolerant and insure that it gets irrigated during the drier periods of the year.

Again another tree that has lots of potential with not many growers propagation them. We are always open to talk to growers on new tree varieties and as designers we really need to get some alternatives out there so we can start experimenting!