Plant Profile: Aptenia cordifolia

The Baby Sunrose is one of our go to plants for difficult dry positions where we need good ground coverage or cascading over walls and pots. A prostrate succulent that can spread and drape indefinitely if give the chance. When in a full sun position it will readily present small magenta Aster-like flowers which attract lots of bees. Great for Apiculturists!
Aptenia cordifoliaLike most South African plants it does very well in Melbourne due to our similar climates. The plant performs extremely well if given regular water and coverage will occur in a very short time. We will often use it to green retaining walls as well as mesh fences where it can ramble up. Although it can sometimes give the feeling that it is taking over the Baby Sunrose can easily be pulled out or cut back as required. This will promote fresh regrowth and the cutting can be used elsewhere in the garden where greening maybe needed. I often turn up to past and current projects with bags of cuttings for those areas in the garden requiring that softening touch.
Aptenia cordifolia_2When used in conjunction with other succulents they add another layer to any potted plant combination. Also a great textural offset to grasses and strap leaf plants. The Baby Sunrose is certainly a plant well worth experimenting with as a gap filler and if you want to try something else you can easily remove it!