Meet: Will Dangar

William Dangar is a passionate, driven and fastidious man. He is synonymous with quality, innovation and practicality. Will has a meticulous eye for detail and an obsessive compulsive nature which together, have produced some incredible results and the reputation of one of Australia’s leading designers. He can claim over 700 projects nationally, and a stint as the Exterior Design & Garden Editor with Belle Magazine.

Will describes himself as having a “generous ego, offset with the ability to self deprecate and not take myself to seriously”, and prefers to fly under the radar. Socially, he steers clear of the masses and is hugely passionate about quality time with his dirt bikes, family and close friends (not necessarily in that order), who describe him as “generous, funny and loyal.”

Pool and garden copyOriginally from a farm in Northern NSW, Will spent his early life working on cattle stations in the Northern Territory. By chance, he met his wife at a local party, and without hesitation, moved to Sydney by the lure of a brewing romance.

From humble beginnings, Will began working in Sydney as a Landscape Labourer. Struck by the recession, that company folded, which forced Will to consider new opportunities, and so his own business was launched.

The gardens I love the most are not necessarily the best gardens I have ever done, it’s the gardens where the people I have done them for, are blown away by what we create.

Steppers and ErigeronThese days, when Will starts on a new project, he breaks it down into macro and micro detail. First, he sketches the concept by hand, focussing upon the layout, resolving the issues following the brief and collating mood boards. Once this stage is complete, it is presented to the client, fleshed out and converted to CAD. It is at this stage of the design that the micro detail is added.

I love presenting concepts to clients and seeing their reaction to something unexpected.

Dangar GardensWill is also responsible for creating Robert Plumb outdoor furniture and architectural hardware products, which has now expanded to include Robert Plumb Project. This has allowed Will to adapt a holistic approach enabling him to offer his clients both an exterior design and construction service.

We are thrilled to have Will Dangar on board as a regular contributor and can’t wait to share his work and insights with you on The Outdoor Co.Operative.

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