Meet: The Outdoor Stylist

For those Instagrammers with an eye for pretty things, you are sure to know @theoutdoorstylist. With a portfolio of aesthetically stunning and considered images, Stephanie Paterson has an incredible and loyal following of over 12,200 people from all around the globe. It is with great excitement that I introduce to you, Stephanie PatersonSP_family

Who is Stephanie Paterson?

Having studied PR & Design in my twenties, I was involved in Media, Arts & Fashion organisations for a decade before pursuing fashion design and opening a retail venture which extended my skills as a Buyer and Business Manager. A few years later, my maternal clock began ticking, I sold the business and took a short hiatus during which time I welcomed my divine sons Charlie and Henry into the world.

SP_No1Returning to my passion for great design and great product, I involved myself in the Marketing, PR and Business Management of our family owned business Grounded Gardens, as well as working part-time as a Buyer in the Homewares/Lifestyle sector. My love for the Outdoors blossomed & The Outdoor Stylist was born late last year. It is a culmination of my experience, skills and passion, a targeted exterior design business that provides a service to compliment the architectural, retail, interior, landscape and garden design sectors.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m passionate, creative, and positive. Simple things make me happiest – a day at the beach, my family and friends, yoga and running, the arts, delicious food and healthy living. As a professional, I am a driven, and a perfectionist. As a woman and mother, I am a little more forgiving, yet still driven to my own measure and I strive to always be kind, optimistic and maintain the zest!

Best known for?

Well, it used to be good dance off, but these days it’s probably the instigator of a good dinner party or holiday. Friends would describe me as having a very relaxed demeanour, but I am sure my family would beg to differ on occasion!

Why exterior design?

I am passionate about design and love bringing a space together with the use of great materials, product, an understanding of space and the key ingredient; restraint.

Spending time outdoors is so good for the soul and a beautiful, resolved outdoor space enables people to immerse into and connect to their environment.


As a designer looking at a new product, what is your priority?

The best way I can think to describe this is that it is ‘finding the balance’ – for me, it’s a subtle balance of ingredients that bring a thing together, whether you are seeing that thing as a concept, to serve a purpose or as an experience, there’s a tipping point and it’s my job to know where and what that is.


Favourite product?

This is a hard one because I am exposed to so many fantastic products through my work, but if I had the space to collect chairs, I would! A few of my favourites are the ‘Paulistano’, the iconic ‘Butterfly Chair’, the ‘Saarinen Womb Chair’, and I am a sucker for the nostalgia of a Hanging Chair…

Life Philosophy?

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken!

What’s next?

This year, I am happy to say that I am really busy working on new projects for The Outdoor Stylist. There are a few things in the pipeline that extend the offer and all will be revealed over the coming months…