Meet: Nathan Burkett

I experience ‘Designer Envy’ on a regular basis, always inspired by the greatness of boundless creativity. I seem to suffer this ‘syndrome’ more often than not as a result of the work from Melbourne Landscape Architect, Nathan Burkett. His effortless designs simply ooze a restrained sophistication. They are succinct, concise and stunningly architectural.

Having recently won Gold at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show, Nathans’ show garden ‘Equilibrium’ can still be seen everywhere; hundreds of images have been sprawled across social media, all posted by avid admirers of the garden. But this medal is only one of many within his growing collection, as Nathan Burkett Design makes a definitive footprint in Australian landscape design.

CB377_NathanBurkett_MGFS_1251Considering his achievements to date, Nathan remains grounded, being described as “easy going and kind hearted”, believing that “you must enjoy life and be nice to people in the process.” At Nathan Burkett Design his focus is upon nurturing his team to create the ultimate working environment. “Our current team has a number of people that have been here for quite some time, and there is a great vibe which helps day to day and also long term, as we can grow together and all aspire to work on bigger and better projects.”

CommercialRd06Nathan was focussed, even from an early age. He knew he wanted to pursue garden design and was fortunate enough to complete work experience within a commercial landscape design firm before going on to be accepted at RMIT to study a Degree in Landscape Architecture.

Specifically, I really love residential garden design, working with people on areas of their home they love and have a close relationship with and spend a lot of time in.

CA204_Exterior_111 - Copy copy

My first steps are to always look at the surroundings and the architecture of the home, and then compose my design from the perspective of standing inside the house looking out, as most of the time gardens are viewed from the inside.


I like to think of gardens as pieces of art, so using the home’s windows as a picture frame for the design, I like to ensure the garden will look equally as impressive from the inside, as typically in Melbourne’s weather many gardens are enjoyed from the inside just as much as they are from the outside.

BounaderNathan has a signature style with various elements flowing consistently through his work. These elements can be seen clearly in his Mont Albert and Malvern projects, both personal favourites of his.

CA204_Exterior_224 copy

They are both stand-out representations of our aesthetic which is architectural, but with a keen focus on creating structure out of organic materials and plantings.

sims31When asked what is next for Nathan Burkett, he said “We will be working on developing a garden for the 2016 Singapore Garden Show. We were scouted at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and asked to participate. The Singapore showcase has an attendance rate of almost three times the size of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, and is a really large production, so it’s very exciting!”

Huge congratulations Nathan and team! Well deserved and we will be watching with anticipation.

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