Meet: Mon Palmer

Our contributor Mon Palmer is a dreamer; half gypsy, half homebody. Her philosophy Audentes Fortuna iuvat, Fortune favours the brave, is so true to her heart that she has it tattooed on her wrist. An every day reminder to live the life she is determined to lead.

When Mon isn’t dreaming, she is the focussed and hardworking Creative Director and Designer for her own company Slightly Garden Obsessed. Based in Perth, Slightly Garden Obsessed offers a range of services from garden design, exterior styling through to a specialised design workshops. Delivering enviable designs across the country, her gardens are clean, modern and simply mouthwatering.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 03Mon is full of energy and creativity, jumping from one idea to the next idea, and a sponge for inspiration. She loves to travel and immerse herself in new cultures.

I’ve seen more countries than I can remember. To me, it is the greatest form of inspiration.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 06In her early 20’s, while living in London, Mon recognised the importance of outdoor space; “it is a total luxury there as it is so limited.” She realised how much of our land seemed to be wasted in Australia and made a decision to return home and begin assisting people in getting the most out of their underutilised outdoor space.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 04Garden design was a new concept to her, not really hearing about it back in Perth, but had learned it is an age old profession in the UK and Europe. So after some research, Mon enrolled in Landscaping (Horticulture) and spent a year on the tools building limestone walls, paving, installing reticulation and learning nomenclature & plant species. During this time, Mon also started her first landscape business.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 02Just before the year ended, a recognised qualification in Landscape Design became available and Mon was invited to be in the inaugural class the following year. Needless to say she jumped at the opportunity!

Slightly Garden Obsessed 01

Mon is an avid believer in what she does; she lives and breathes it. “I love the outdoors and nature for its grounding and calming abilities. I believe our surroundings have a huge influence on our wellbeing. I want to help people create a place they love by making beautiful outdoor spaces for their home.”

Slightly Garden Obsessed 07

I also see a lot of untapped potential. We spend an enormous amount of our salaries on the mortgage. It is important to me that we are all getting the most out of our greatest investment.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 05

When discussing a new project with a client, her first question is why? Why does the client want to change their life and invest in their garden. Her priority is uncovering their wants and needs, their aesthetic, how they live, what has driven them to take on the project.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 12

Slightly Garden Obsessed 10

Seeing the surprise on the clients faces when they see the potential of their space. I never get tired of it.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 09

With no two projects the same and “each project being unique to its circumstance”, Mon is currently enjoying the process of designing a desert modernism inspired garden for an interstate client.

Slightly Garden Obsessed 11

The future is bright for Ms Palmer. Again, living by her philosophy, Mon is currently looking for a studio to purchase. “As much as I Iove working from home, it’s kind of distracting with a super cute puppy and partner. I want a space to design and fit out, hold workshops in, go to when I need to focus… a place to call my own. It’s the next step I need to make to take the business where I want it to go.”

We are thrilled to have Mon as part of the team, and excited to share all of her incredible creativity and knowledge with you The Outdoor Co.Operative.

The short of it…

Mon Palmer
Landscape Design, Exterior Stylist, Design Workshops, Contributor
Perth based. Designs nationally.