Meet: Brendan Moar

Brendan Moar is a man of many talents. He can successfully claim the title of TV host, landscape architect, writer, actor and photographer, and annoyingly, seems to carry all of them off with a definitive swagger.

I met Brendan whilst we were at the Australian Garden Show Sydney in 2014. He was in the midst of constructing his first ever show garden, Suspended, for which he won Best in Show, Gold and the People’s Choice award. The success of the show opened up a global opportunity for him, being invited to participate in the Singapore Garden Festival, and with another eclectic design brought home a Silver medal and a Best Construction award.

Brendan_Moar_Coburg_7-1000x666Brendan has an unquestionable style. His gardens are highly unique, all displaying a signature element. This signature is his combination of colour, shape, form and texture.

It is never about the one plant but rather the combination and juxtaposition of plants. Perhaps the juxtaposition of simple shapes against complex shapes and textures is something that is a recurring thing for me.

BM_01A highly creative and charismatic man, it is without question, I wanted to feature Brendan on The Outdoor Co.Operative. And here’s what he had to say…

Who is Brendan Moar

I was born in Quirindi NSW and grew up in Armidale in the New England region of the Northern Tablelands of NSW. I was a bad student and used to avoid HSC study any way I could. One technique was rummaging around the garden. Somehow, I got hooked.

A friend once described me as “a little Prada, a little bit R&M Williams.” A little bit country, a little bit city. I would like to think I’m relatively patient and appreciate roundedness and flightiness in equal measure.

Best known for

Being late.

BM_02Why garden design?

I enjoy the mix of hooking into the rhythms of the wider environment but at the same time trying to control it purely for selfish reasons (getting the picture with the constant ‘opposites’ theme).

BM_04As a designer what is your priority

My number 1 priority is pushing a design as far as I can each and every single time.

BM_03Most enjoyable aspect of the job

Creating a world complete in itself but that taps into place and people.

BM_05Greatest achievement

The Dry Spell Gardening series on The Lifestyle Channel shot during 2008 and 2009. I think I can objectively say, no other garden series on tv has come close to what we achieved on that.

Favourite garden

I always love the latest one I’m working on and that would have to be Rowandale in Wildes Meadow south of Bowral New South Wales. It’s a five acre garden that was originally created and planted by Holly Kerr Forsyth. We’ve done extensive reworking and renovation to the garden that I can now say we’ve both left our mark on the garden. Working within a framework of beautiful big trees and spaces and then making big changes to the way the new house and ultimately all the people who experience the house and garden is incredibly satisfying.

Philosophy on life

Be hard on yourself, be easy on yourself.

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