Meet: Anthony Wyer

Anthony Wyer is a first and foremost a family man who you will find, whenever possible, somewhere either on or in the ocean. Second to that he is the astute Owner/Landscape Designer of Anthony Wyer and Associates, Anthony Wyer Garden Construction and Sydney Grounds, a garden maintenance and horticultural company. He manages a carefully selected team of qualified and highly skilled landscape architects, designers and horticulturists, each sharing their unique talents, and together delivering some outstanding results both locally and overseas. Today we chat to Anthony about work, life and find out what inspires him.

Who is Anthony Wyer?

I like to think that Anthony Wyer is a fairly laid back individual, that loves his family and ultimately an obsessed ocean fiend, surfing and swimming whenever possible. At the same time he is extremely determined, committed to his work, and come to think of it, anything else that he puts his mind to.Anthony Wyer | Profile

Who makes up the team?

Girls…. My team of amazingly skilled and creative designers is entirely made up of female employees! At one point the team and I wanted a male employee to even up the playing field, but it hasn’t worked out that way. I also have a construction and maintenance company, Sydney Grounds that installs our garden designs; it is entirely made up of male employees, so I suppose it evens out in the end.

What is your design aesthetic?

I don’t believe that I have any one aesthetic. I believe each project needs to be considered and approached on its own merits.

Broadly, I have a few guidelines that I follow when designing a garden. Firstly, a garden needs to have the correct scale, whether it be the size of the pool, the lawn area or a feature tree, if the scale is not correct, the garden will not feel at ease within its environment. Secondly, when creating space it is important to me that the area feels natural, spatially sound, functional and interesting.Anthony Wyer _MLF_516

What is your priority when designing a garden?

I honestly like to deliver a garden that represents the clients brief. Throughout the design process there is some learning to be done by both party’s involved. I strive to deliver a garden that is in-line with the clients needs and desires, is functional, sits comfortably within the site, and is aesthetically beautiful.

Who or what is your inspiration?

Nature and being outdoors is without doubt my inspiration. I love being outdoors; I love travelling, experiencing new cultures, having fun and sharing these experiences with the people closest to me. Creating outdoor spaces that encourage people to get outside, be active, be social and enjoy themselves is a great gift to give. I think that aspect of my work inspires me to create spaces for a better quality of life.

What plant can’t you live without?

My go to plant is the Buxus ball. It provides softness and structure; and it can be incorporated into any style of garden design if done correctly. I have other plants that come into vogue throughout the seasons; currently it is all about the Aloe species! Aloes are a winter flowering plant. If you take a look around on these cold winter days you will see their bright vibrant flowers. There are many different varieties with different colored flowers, which is always a winter winner.AnthonyWyer | HorseshoeBend_2

What is the most common element you incorporate into your gardens?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is a most common element. What I would say is that each garden requires a design element which encourages people to interact with their outdoor spaces and get involved in the garden. For example; a herb garden, fire pit, entertaining area, or just a sunny spot to sit and take a deep breath.

What material do you specify the most?

I go through phases of specifying certain products, but what is consistent throughout is that these materials are all natural products. Materials such as: Sandstone / Limestone and Marble are consistently present and can be used for either wall or floor surfacing. My favorite at the moment is a product I recently came across at Eco Outdoor. The product is a limestone called ‘Chalford’ from Morocco. It is a little rough and loved looking, and gives a space a comfortable lived feel. I am obsessed with this product right now and it’s showing up in a few projects.AnthonyWyer | HorseshoeBend_3

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a client?

I always tell my clients to keep an open mind while working through the design process. Being familiar with a certain material or a particular plant does not mean it is going to be the right selection for the project. Put your trust in the team of designers, and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and be inspired by something new.

What is your greatest achievement?

It sounds so corny, but without a doubt, my family would be my greatest life achievement to date!!! I married the most amazing woman in the world; we have three beautiful children and expecting the fourth in November of this year. Work wise, I recently finished a three year rural project in NZ; it is totally off the hook! AnthonyWyer | HorseshoeBend

What is your philosophy on life?

I remember watching a documentary on the founder of R.M.Willams, Reginald Murray Williams when I was just out of school. They asked him how he would like to be remembered, and he said, that he would like to be remembered as a man that got up each day and did his best, the moment you stop trying to become a better person, is the moment you start to become worse than what you already are. I have lived my life like that ever since,

Get up each day and do your best, the moment you stop trying to become a better person, is the moment you start to become worse than what you already are.

Whats next?

I have an amazing team, each with their own exceptional talents; we will continue to provide creative, beautiful and functional garden designs for our clientele.

The short of it…

Anthony Wyer
Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Garden Maintenance
Sydney and surrounds. Designs nationally.