Landscape Designers: Why?

Landscape designers are a talented and friendly bunch of people who have the ability to turn otherwise unused and uninviting outdoor spaces into desirable outdoor rooms. They can make a space very personable and unique to the owners while increasing the value of their property.


DSC_0617There are a lot of landscape designers out there, so look for the ones who’s gardens appeal to you but don’t expect them to repeat designs. No one wants a carbon copy of someone else’s garden. Let them take you outside the box and propose ideas you may not have previously considered. They enjoy being challenged and trying new ideas, so be daring.

DSC_0090-1600x1062In commissioning a landscape designer, you are supporting a creative industry and tapping into a vast resource of knowledge and experience. You are paying them for their time, so use it.

To get the best results from a landscape designer is to come with a clear brief on what you want from your garden while keeping an open mind when presented with something new. You may find that your brief will evolve during the design process as these new ideas formulate. Usually for the better! We sometimes find ourselves moonlighting as marriage counsellors somewhere along the way, but guess that’s just all part of the job!

DSC_1228-1600x1064The optimum result from a landscape designer is a master landscape plan which you can work from, and if budget conscious it will enable a staged approach without compromising the design.

Our advice would be to try not to change anything without consulting the designer, as they would have had a clear picture on the garden as a whole. Often the smallest change can have larger consequences to other elements within the garden.