Ask an Expert: Will Dangar has your answer!

Resident expert William Dangar, Landscape and Furniture Designer and all round entrepreneur answers your questions this week! Here’s what you wanted to know…

How often should I feed my garden? And what with?

We feed 2 times a year in Spring and late summer. We use loads of blood and bone, some higher nitrogen fertiliser where needed and seasol on our new gardens.

What mulch do you prefer to use?
In Sydney I use greenlife mulch from ANL as its dark in colour. I hate chunky light mulches and pine bark is the worst.
I want to redo my backyard. I have no idea where to start. Please help?
Ask your friends for referrals to good designers and landscapers. We have never advertised in 25 years of business. It’s all been referred business from one client to another.
William Dangar_1Where do you get your inspiration from?
Pinterest and the Internet. Also blogs, magazines and travel.William Dangar_3
What are your 5 favourite cascading plants?

For sunny positions: Giant Honeysuckle, Star Jasmine, Convolvulus, Aptenia. And for shade: Devils Ivy, Cissus.

William Dangar_4What is your favourite deciduous tree?
Frangipani in Sydney. Love them. Also Crepe Myrtles.
We are selling our home and have a budget of $10000 for a quick garden overhaul. What will give us the biggest return?
Lush new turf always gives bang for buck. Solutions to any privacy problems.William Dangar_7
How do you come up with a plan and stick to it? I keep changing my mind.
Plans are good tools for general concept, however I never stick to them. My model is 90% design and construct, and most of my clients are happy to let me modify the soft scape design when setting out. This way you get the best result.
What does your own garden look like? What was important to you when designing it?

My garden is one of my best. It is Japanese in species choice with 90% of all the plants either native to Japan or nearby. The design however is based from the style of garden in that I love best being drifts of mass planting.William Dangar_6

What do you most enjoy about your work?

I love the creativity my work allows however I also get a big buzz out of the business side of my work.

What paving do you prefer to use around a pool?

Sandstone, decks and secondhand bricks are my three favourite pool coping materials.

Whats your favourite lawn? And why?

Winter Green couch and Tall Fescue are my favourites however 90% of what I use is soft leaf buffalo.

Who do you prefer to work with… a client with no ideas, or a client with plenty?

Either is good. The ones that are difficult are the ones with strong opinions not willing to compromise.


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