Will Dangar: Cremorne Garden

Today we walk through a garden designed by Landscape Architect and Contributor, Will Dangar. Layers, textures and views from an extraordinary borrowed landscape come together to form a very inspired garden.

William Dangar & Associates designed this garden in collaboration with Mark Clarke from Corben Architects. The garden sits on a steep slope facing north with a spectacular outlook across middle harbour.

Pool and gardenThe southern side of the garden consists of a series of planters all geometric in design on different levels. The stairs run through the planters which were extravagantly clad with zinc and capped with recycled hardwood. Planting in these beds consists of groups of tropical plants mass planted including Dwarf Date Palms, Bromeliads, variegated Star Jasmine and Magnolia.
Alcanterea imperialis rubraThe North facing garden is divided in half by a large swimming pool with Aloes protruding from a teak deck. Privacy has been achieved using a screening of Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’.

Yucca elephantiphes & Aloe barberaeAn advanced Frangipani was added as a full stop on the most northern tip of the site with a mix of deciduous (Gleditsia) and evergreen plants along the western boundary. The North garden was kept simple as to not impede the spectacular view!

Plumeria acutifolia & deck

Casuarina Couin It & Yucca sp.

Timber planter box with Sansevieria sp.

Plumeria acutifolia & driveway

The short of it…

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