William Dangar: Coogee Garden

This garden is located in Coogee, Sydney and designed by Landscape Designer and Contributor Will Dangar, in association with the Architect, Dennis Rabinowitz and the client. The entire project was custom designed and hand crafted with incredible attention to detail.

WD_Coogee Garden_2

WD_Coogee Garden_5

The house and garden are positioned on top of a cliff, perched above the ocean facing north east. The property is exposed to front line salt and wind so the garden was designed these conditions front of mind. The frame work for the hardscaping was created using large boulders to retain the steep slope with recycled Hardwood slabs providing a rustic stairway from the cliff to the house.

WD_Coogee Garden_1

Lomandra ‘Tanika’, Casuarina ‘Cousin It’, Aloe ‘Big Red’ and Fucraea foetida have been planted in drifts around this section of the garden.

WD_Coogee Garden_3

Further up the slope toward the house, the pool area required privacy, which was achieved using Banksia integrifolia, Leptospermum flavescens and Cupaniopsis.

WD_Coogee Garden_10

WD_Coogee Garden_7Over time, as the garden matured and became more protected and intimate, additional tropical plants such as Bromeliads, Kentia palms, Gardenia and Philodendron were added, combined with several large Ficus rubiginosa and Plumeria.

WD_Coogee Garden_11

Despite the extreme site conditions, with the clever use of the textural layering of hardy coastal planting, the garden seems to thrive all year round, even under the duress of regular southerly storms.

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