Designer Garden: Retail Spaces

Phil Withers is without question a passionate, dedicated, driven and loveable individual. As a Landscape Designer he and his team at Phillip Withers Landscape Design are heavily focussed upon the use of colour, texture, form and sustainability within the garden. They successfully blur the boundaries by fusing genres with an eclectic quirkiness, the results of which always make you smile.

Phil was commissioned by Katie and the clever team at The Family Love Tree to help them bring together a new and sublime retail space in Prahran (located at the corner of Malvern Rd and Williams Rd).

They were asked to assist in turning their space into an exciting and wonderful shopping environment. Phil wanted to “create a feeling that let all things The Family Love Tree such as the furniture and homewares shine through” without too much distraction.Philip-Withers-6

We wanted to work in with the pattern and funk
that we both pride ourselves on.
Phil explains, “We looked to implement a calm planted environment with a flowing hue of green. We then looked to add interest through pops of variegated and fuzzy foliage to give it a lighter side.”
To add contrast against the vertical garden, Phil designed a natural timber case and some contemporary geometric shaped decked cladding panels to “really add some life and play its role within The Family Love Tree environment.”
This garden was not about just creating a vertical garden, as Phil (with sustainability top of mind) always sets out to create a system that can grow and develop over time. “With a tank under the bench and drip trays under each planted area, we collect and feed water through to the whole garden, working as a full circle system so in time it can become its own little rainforest.”

The short of it…

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