In the Loop: Charlie at Chelsea

After an incredible 18 months of planning, our team representing Australia at this years infamous Chelsea Flower Show has left our fair shores and spent their first night in London.

The team, lead by Mick Conway from Conway Landscaping is full of energy and anticipation as they face one of the greatest experiences of their careers. The team consists of 12 experienced members from Australia with a further 8 joining the fold on site, within the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

IMG_0048 copyA veteran in show garden construction, this being his 26th show garden and 4th time at Chelsea, Mick Conway was determined to have an Australian presence at this years show, showcasing our landscape industry on a global stage to an audience of millions.


When asked what is it about show gardens, Mick without hesitation states…

Building show gardens puts us in the desirable position of being ‘the client’. The experience provides a freedom to design and build a garden with a clean slate. It is the exhilaration of successfully bringing a garden to life from a concept on paper, to reality within a couple of weeks. The Chelsea experience is particularly intense due to the complexity of building a garden on the other side of the world.

Mick approached Charlie Albone to fulfil the role of designer for Chelsea 2015 for numerous reasons. Amongst them, Charlie is one of Australia’s most prominent Landscape Designers, having passionately designed and constructed gardens professionally for the past 15 years. Some of you may also know Charlie from The LifeStyle Channel as the expert Landscape Designer. His CV is impressive to say the least.

Charlie Albone family

So together, Charlie and Conway Landscaping, in conjunction with major sponsors Husqvarna and Gardena will be bringing the show garden, “The Time in Between” to the largest horticultural event in world.

The garden is a tribute to Charlie’s father who passed when he was only 17. And Charlie having always wanted to tell his father about his life since, has designed a garden that allows him to do exactly that.

chelsea plans 3
The garden is divided into three distinct areas.  The first section is a celebration of life featuring a sandstone path wide enough to walk along, hand in hand with his father and two children. This path is surrounded by soft, elegant planting that leads toward a dynamic water feature.

The water feature is placed within the second section. An area that has been designed as a space that offers calm and serenity; a place for reflection.

The third section, toward the rear of the garden offers an intimate space to sit, connect and communicate with loved ones by the warmth of a circular fire pit. This area of the garden is representative of his wife, Juliet Love, he describes as “the centre and the fire” of his life.

We will be following the progression of the build in the lead up to judging and then of course, sharing the already much anticipated results with you. For daily updates, visit

Our UK contributor, Andrew Fisher Tomlin will also be taking over our Twitter feed, tweeting live from the show with all of the latest details and images from all the gardens at the Chelsea.

If you are lucky enough to be in the vicinity, the Chelsea Flower Show will be held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, UK from the 19th through to 23th May, 2015.

Good luck team, we will be watching with bated breath! xx