Feature Project: North Sydney

I would describe Michael Bates as passionate, dedicated and hospitable. I had the pleasure of his company during the recent Hidden Garden Festival in Sydney. Michael opened his garden to those who were fortunate enough to be involved in the event. I was invited upon a tour of his stunning garden and welcomed into his home and openly introduced to his family and friends. His passion is contagious and you can’t help but smile at the knowledge and flow of ideas he imparts in every conversation.


This is Michael’s very own garden, surrounding a divine 100-year old sandstone home that was reputedly crafted from stone salvaged from a former pub.

With a determined focus, he set out to create a series of terraces overflowing with rich colours and textures.

_54W3646As the house features a generous upper balcony, which is set amongst the tree tops, the garden has been designed to be admired both at the ground level and from above.


Life is injected into the garden with elements such as moving water, fire pits, pets and family life.


It’s a quintessential “Sydney School” design, bringing together traditional north shore plants and sub-tropical exotics.


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