Feature Garden: Tim Ross

Tim Ross has just got it going on. Not only is he a highly intelligent and inspiringly witty man, he is a creative being with a serious appreciation for architecture, art, design, history and cars. Tim can successfully tick the box for stand-up comedy, radio, acting, writing, presenting, music and social commentary. A multi-faceted being that is currently doing stand up around the country with his show ‘Man about the House’, has produced his second volume of the wildly entertaining Car of the Day ‘Zine’, and been working on a documentary for the ABC, due to hit our screens “when it’s ready”. All this, in addition to the role of husband to the equally talented Michelle and father to his boys, Bugsy and Bobby.

Tim and Michelle have featured regularly on architectural and interior design blogs with the incredible restoration of their mid-century modern haven that they call home. The architecture has been truly respected and the interior is simply impeccable, impressively celebrating the era.

It is with great admiration that I approached Tim for an interview for The Outdoor Co.Operative. And as much as the architecture of their home makes my heart sing, I stand true to ‘inspired outdoor living’, and turn my focus to Tim and Michelle’s garden that respectfully compliments their home.TIM_ROSS_GARDEN_BW 9619AB

Did you have help designing the garden?

The garden has hand many hands in the mix. There are still remnants from the original owners who built the house in 1959 and then between Michelle, our Architect Geoff Dalgeish and Paul from Garden Focus we managed to put together a plan than has established a garden that will find it’s feet over the next few years.

It looks relatively young, when was it planted?
We started the backyard over two years ago and that involved bringing a Magnolia over the house with a crane! The last bit of planting was done two weeks ago.
What was your brief?
Our house is very much inspired by California Modernism so we have a nod to that with some succulents but the major issue with a new garden has been having it work with the existing garden and the neighbourhood. I would never have imagined that I’d have a house with as few natives as we do but it just seems to work.


Essentially we needed some privacy, shade and the major thing we did with the garden was open up a lot of the garden with lawns.  We managed to double our useable backyard space and create a large lawn at the front when we removed the long driveway and added the carport.

What is it that you love most about the space?
The large old trees and the lawns. My favourite part is the mural that my brother-in-law painted on the from fence.
How does your family use the garden?
It is everything for the boys, but the lawns have been wonderful places for entertaining both out the front and the back.
Do you have a favourite spot in the garden?
As long as it’s not pricking my arse with those stupid pods it drops, sitting under the Liquid Amber is always lovely in summer. I also like the view of the house from the pool.
What is it about architecture that does it for you?
Architecture, Design, Art, Music, Literature… they all move me in similar and different ways.
Architecture is art we can live in and I find it breathtaking when it is done well. Considered design is one of the most pleasing things I can think of.
TIM_ROSS_GARDEN_BW 9348ABI have to ask… who was the architect of your gorgeous home and what year was it built?
It was designed by Bill Baker. The house was built in 1959.
So who is the gardener and who is the interior stylist?
My days of getting a run of the interior are over.  Michelle has well and truly taken that over. I have the grand plan and she mucks around with it.  I’m no good with gardening… I love to outsource.


For more Tim Ross goodness including dates for his upcoming events visit him at www.themanaboutthehouse.net.