Eckersley Garden Architecture: Toorak Garden

It’s often remarked that pets look like their owners and the same can be equally true about gardens and their owners.

This Toorak garden oozes the easygoing charm of it’s owners. It is a garden of seasonality that offers up new delights with each passing month.

DSC_0592The garden is broken into a series of spaces that merge gently into one another. From the vine covered outdoor dining space, to the garden retreat, to a swimming area.

057A repetitive plant palette of Japanese Maples, Royal Purple Liriope and Sacred Bamboo thread these rooms together and give strength to this simple design.  Seasonal bulbs such as Belladonna Lilies, Jonquils and Christmas Lilies emerge through this steady planting to give seasonal interest.

077The stone paving is comprised of Antiqued granite planks from The granite is reclaimed from old Chinese laneways that are making way for modern re-developments.  It’s beautiful patina tells the story of centuries of wear and use.

DSC_0631In this garden, random length planks fork in and out of the garden beds to create informality to the rectilinear spaces.

The short of it…

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