Designer Garden: South Yarra Rooftop

A beautiful warehouse conversion looking out to industrial forms is softened with wonderfully textured greenery. This is a vertical journey through the multiple storeys of the residence. The garden changes with the light levels from deep shade foliage to seasonal coloured climbers finally finishing on the prairie style roof garden with 360 degree views in the heart of South Yarra.

IMG_5086 IMG_5088 IMG_6648What a success the Maiden Grass is on the roof garden.  The new inflorescence providing a soft fringe to the wispy grass all creating movement in the breeze.  We like to let the grass change colour to it’s winter form and experience the change in season.  Cut back after winter to allow the fresh new foliage to push through during the spring growth. Also nice to see the Baby Sunrose working it’s way through the 3D mesh to add another player to the garden palette. Old school plants like Stag and Elk Horns can instantly green a blank wall.  Just protect it from direct sun and hot drying winds.

IMG_6647A totally containerised garden with no link to natural soil, with a little TLC during the seasons and wonderful daring clients, it is truly amazing what can be achieved.

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