Eckersley Garden Architecture: Kew Garden

Eckersley Garden Architecture are renowned for their exquisite use of textures, layers and elegant planting. In this collaboration with Norman Day Architects, the brief for Eckersley Garden Architecture was to create a beautiful softness amongst a strongly architectural garden.

DSC_1618The feathery foliage of Japanese Maples form a dappled woodland over a mass planting of Foetid Iris.  The Iris are broken up by rounded boulders strategically placed amongst the vegetation.


The pool has an infinity edge, the wall of which is covered in river pebbles creating a beautiful movement within the garden. As the water falls gently over the irregular shapes, it also provides a peaceful sound, audible to those within the space.


The idea was to form a natural separation between the areas of rest, play and dining. It is not impenetrable, indeed from some angles it is sheer, almost transparent.  In doing this, the space has more depth and perspective, more interest, more dynamics. It is simply a perfect garden to laze away a hot Melbourne summer.

The short of it…

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