Eckersley Garden Architecture: Chevron Apartments

Eckersley Garden Architecture are renowned for their elegant combination of colour and texture within a garden. Structures are often softened with vegetation draped seductively along their hard lines emphasising the role that scale and height play within a landscape design. This communal garden in Melbourne’s St Kilda Road is yet another incredible example of their work.

In the current trend of apartment living and community spaces, it is consistently amazing how sterile and uninviting these spaces can be.  The Chevron Apartments however, offer a welcoming transition from a busy commercial road into a densely canopied garden.

DSC_2395This is one communal garden that truly has a private garden feel despite the numerous apartment balconies looking into the space. The tree canopies assist greatly with this by breaking the line of sight with green textural movement also providing shelter from the summer sun. In winter the deciduous trees allow additional light to flood into the space.

DSC_2368The garden offers some textured surfaces in sandstone, pebbled seeded exposed aggregate and vertical stone clad curved stone walls. These surfaces curve around the garden providing direction and flow also allowing for separate contemplative areas within the one communal space. All have aged beautifully over time adding to the unique character of the garden.


DSC_2374The varying textures are all tied together with simple and fussless repeat mass plantings of strap leaf plants, deciduous trees and creepers over walls as well as the pergolas to provide, what feels like, an endless garden.



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