COS Design: Burgess Project

There was much chatter about this particular project in Bayside Melbourne. The scale and detail in the design of the front garden is rather phenomenal, with the majority of the project consisting of considered hardscaping and function being top of mind.  It has been complimented by hardy, textural plant palette which creates incredible visual interest right throughout the garden.

Designed to meet the needs of the family, this modern resort style garden not only looks amazing, it is highly functional and extremely technical. Careful design consideration was expressed through every square centimetre of the site to ensure the steep topography; the client’s high expectations and extensive wish list were all catered for.

Positioned in the Port Philip Bay region, the Burgess Street project is like no other, its unique position offers magnificent views with a series of functional zones for entertaining large numbers and general weekend family time.


The front yard has been extensively terraced with contrasting retaining walls while cantilevered floating concrete landings and bluestone steps manage the pedestrian entry which has a rise of just over 5.1m. The foliage is all about contrasting colour, forms and textures that not only helps with the large site slope but adds streetscape interest for guests entering the home.


Due to the front door being elevated 5.1 m above the foot path level, privacy was an issue as the clients didn’t want to be exposed to the street, however they wanted to maintain the views so COS Design created a Bespoke feature light box of the local wind swept tea tree which comes to life at night and pays respect to the indigenous plant life of the area.



The pool maximises the views and becomes an architectural feature of the pedestrian entry with the introduction of the large acrylic window. The spa doubles as a reflection pond and connects in a design sense to the northern courtyard reflection pond.


They are separated and softened by a forest of maples and white round concrete steppers and ground covers while the timber bench seats add functionality to both zones.


Although COS Design were forced to be highly structural, they have created a great balance between form, function and foliage and as the garden matures the balance will come to the fore.


In summary, COS Design have produced a clean, sharp, modern take on a resort style garden with all of the client’s expectations being exceeded on every level on one of the most difficult and unique sites possible.

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