Ben Scott: Herbaceous Perennial Garden

Melbourne based Garden Designer Ben Scott had the benefit of designing this garden for a client who is both a very passionate and knowledgeable gardener. Having trained at Burnley, the client has a genuine love of plants, plant diversity, and herbaceous perennials. The challenge was to deliver a garden that complimented the original Edwardian architecture at the front of the property, blending it seamlessly with a contemporary design consistent with the new extension at the rear.

Designed for a family with older children around 4 years ago this project began as a blank canvas. The brief for the front of the property was to create a relaxing, casual style garden. Ben selected a blend of mixed perennials and ornamental grasses to provide strong seasonal interest throughout the year. A contrasting structural planting of pleached Hornbeams and Cherry Laurel were planted along the boundary.  Bluestone paving was applied to the front path and driveway, and stepping stone pavers were used throughout the garden.

Plant species used include Sedum, Verbena bonariensis, Miscanthus, Calamagrostis, Aster, Alchemilla, Ceratostigma, Campanula, Echinops, Iris germanica, Nierembergia, Nepeta, Perovskia, Penstemon, Rosemary, Salvia, Tulbaghia, Viola and Buxus.


Conversely, the brief for the side courtyard garden was to create a space for contemplation  and relaxation. A place to enjoy a coffee, a glass of wine, read a book or yoga. The main element of the design is the circular deck structure which was designed to float in the centre of the space surrounded by lush planting. 

I love the purity and softness of the circular form and often like using them to break up where we have a lot of other square hard structures.


A ground cover was planted amongst stepping stone pavers to create a link from the building to the deck. A bespoke water feature was designed with black steel and a concrete trough which sits amongst the planting.

A screening hedge with of Acmena ‘Sublime’ was used along the boundary while a copse of deciduous Magnolias surround the deck. Other plantings include Helleborus, Lysimachia, Geranium ‘Rozanne’, Viola hederaceae, Ophiopogan, Hechera, Eupatorium, Dianella, Citrus, Alchemilla, Arthropodium and Buxus.

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