Ben Scott: Contemporary Classic

I haven’t formally met with Ben Scott, a Melbourne based Landscape Designer, but I have always admired his work. It was a few years ago, when I first had the pleasure of wandering through one of his gardens, that I couldn’t help but appreciate how, through design, he had made the space ‘feel’. It oozed elegance and sophistication. It felt luscious, contemporary, timeless. So, of course, I wanted to share him with you on The Outdoor Co.Operative.

Here, we feature one of his gardens, topographically challenging, this site has a nine meter change in level from the front to the rear of the property. 2_Highfield Rd-8 copy

Clever spatial design enabled the creation of distinct functional outdoor spaces and a contemporary composition with a calming atmosphere.1_Highfield Rd-18 copy


4_Highfield Rd-30 copy

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